Six Tennis Courts Revamp, Wakefield


Thornes Clarence Park had dilapidated tennis courts which were proving a real turn off for users with their worn surface and tired appearance. We were asked to come up with a plan to rejuvenate it for the summer.


Sportsafe engineers installed a new macadam surface which was colour coated and line marked with six tennis courts. Not only that, but we also created an access path and renewed the edging kerbs to completely transform its outlook for users.


The tennis courts have been completely overhauled! Originally grey and unappealing, the six courts look fresh and the uptake from users has been fantastic. With six courts to choose from, they also have plenty of chance to practice. Thanks for having us Thornes Clarence Park!


The experience and knowledge of Sportsafe was a major reason for our picking them as a partner on this project. That same experience and knowledge was reflected all the way through the contract and we were very happy with both the result and the working practices. As can be seen, the transformation is fantastic.