The Brief


Sandy Town


Feb 17 – 2020

Job Type:

Installation of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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Sandy Secondary School students Megan Dyson and Charlie Trayhorn suggested an outdoor gym during a presentation given to Sandy Town Council. The Council then approached Sportsafe to install an 8-piece 15-user suite of outdoor fitness equipment for a wide age range, from teenagers to elderly residents and for people of all disabilities, strengths and skill levels. We were only too happy to take up the challenge.


First, we drew up designs for the new outdoor fitness installation. Then, we installed the following outdoor fitness equipment into an existing grass surface:

Cardio Combi
Self Weighted Rower
Hip Twister
Chest Press & Lat Pull Down Combination

Double Cross-Country Skier
DDA Arm & Pedal Bike
The Rider
Elliptical Cross Trainer

Finally, we installed 12.0m x 10.0m grass matting approximately 1.0m away from the perimeter of the new outdoor fitness equipment.

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The Council was pleased with Sportafe’s service in the design and installation of their new outdoor fitness equipment. The new outdoor gym also proved popular with the community offering them a mixture of fitness equipment, designed to target all the major muscle groups and improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility and balance. Each item is labelled with instructions and advice on its usage and fitness benefits.

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