The Brief


Forest Glade Primary School


Oct 05 – 2017

Job Type:

Installation of Clamber Stack, Play Boat & Artificial Grass

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We have worked with Forest Glade Primary School before on a sports pitch project, so when the school were ready for a makeover in their KS1 and KS2 playground areas they called Sportsafe for ideas and advice.


KS2 Area

The KS2 area had an existing trim trail that was old and tired and needed replacing, along with some covered seating huts that were no longer needed. The school were keen to provide opportunities to climb and be adventurous in their KS2 play area and a Large Clamber Stack exactly fitted the bill!

KS1 Area

The KS1 area had an existing timber boat that had come to the end of it’s life, but the children really loved it and the school were keen to replace it with another play boat. Sportsafe designed a bespoke play boat which included features the school particularly liked.

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The Large Clamber Stack was surrounded with an Artificial Grass safety surface which not only kept children safe, but looked fantastic! Artificial Grass has good drainage properties, especially when installed with an engineered stone base.

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