If you’re looking for something new to keep you and your children entertained – and healthy – this summer, one activity might surprise you – yoga.

Yoga is becoming the activity of choice for youngsters in an increasingly stressful world where anxiety and stress are becoming a problem.

Earlier this year an online petition calling for yoga and meditation to be included in the UK school curriculum was signed by nearly 16,000 people.

At Sportsafe, we understand only too well the benefits of all forms of exercise on young minds and bodies.

With its relaxation techniques and strength development, Yoga is no different.

It’s why we have a vast range of products to encourage youngsters and adults alike to improve their fitness and stay healthy.

From yoga and fitness mats to our lightweight gymnastic mats, we have everything your school or sports centre needs to get users started on their new fitness journey.

And with our excellent range of Spieth gymnastics equipment, you can even take it to the next level with happy landing mats, incline mats and foam balance beams.

While we will have to wait and see if yoga is introduced into schools any time soon, you don’t have to wait to try it out for yourself.

Contact Sportsafe today and see how we can help you and your users.