As parents and caregivers, we’ve all been there.

You’re going on a day out but it’s a long journey and you need to keep the kids entertained on the way.

As well as organizing stops where you can let them run around, you’ve packed healthy snacks.

But the inevitable happens. You run out. And that packet of crisps or chocolate bar at the train station till is not only looking good but is incredibly convenient.

The UK’s outgoing chief medical officer urged Britain last week to ban snacks on buses, trains and tubes to protect children.

On the face of it, it’s not a bad idea. Want to limit children’s sugar, salt and fat intake? Don’t give it as an option in the first place.

But scratch the surface and there are a whole host of arguments suggesting this is not only unfair but unmanageable.

Many buses and trains no longer have conductors. So, who would police it?

And if you have a hungry child waiting on a platform, what are the shops around them offering? While the market is starting to catch up and offer healthy snacks, the choice is limited, whereas chocolate and crisps can be found anywhere.

Many people complained that they might be enjoying their only sweet treat of the week on a bus and that they are incredibly health-conscious.

Childhood obesity is on the rise and worrying statistics show one in four primary-aged children are classed as overweight.

It is a problem that is not going away.

And while drastic action may well be necessary to combat this worrying trend, there are simple and effective things we can all do now to halt it in its tracks.

Walk more, head to your local park and try out the trim trails and playgrounds and limit sweet treats to one or two days a week.

Schools and sports halls are going the extra mile to get children active by creating fun and engaging outdoor and indoor projects from daily mile tracks to climbing frames and trampolining. It all accounts.

Above all, education is key and health and fitness go hand in hand.

The childhood obesity crisis can be stopped. And Sportsafe is here to do its part.