Buying new sports equipment for your facilities is not always easy as there are a number of key factors to think about, including; budget, user-friendliness and available space. Because of this, gathering the correct information before making a purchase is key, even for what may seem like the most basic of products, mats.

In this article, we will be looking at a number of different mats to help you gain the knowledge you need to be able to purchase the items you need with confidence.

Classic School Chipfoam PE mats

The classic gym mat that the majority of us will remember from our school days. A fairly lightweight, easy to move and store the mat, made from high density recycled chip foam. This is the ideal mat for floor exercise and jumping in gymnastics and PE lessons. Available in wide range of sizes and thicknesses

Lightweight Gymnastics & PE mats

Constructed using a lightweight polyethene foam, the lightweight gymnastics mat is the ideal mat for nurseries and younger users. Available in wide range of sizes and thicknesses

Crash Mats

Crash mats are typically a lot thicker and softer than the other mats mentioned. These properties make them the perfect mat for high-impact activities. Available in wide range of sizes and thicknesses

If you are looking to purchase mats for your facilities, then you must first think about the activities the equipment will be used for and assess the amount of impact you’d expect and therefore what thickness of the mat is required. You must then think about the age of your user groups to help find the perfect mat.

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