Play helps children develop language and reasoning skills, encourages autonomous thinking and problem solving as well as helping to improve their focus and control behaviour. Play also aids children to learn discovery, develop verbal and manipulative skills, judgment, reasoning and creativity.


The importance of playing outside…

Playing outside is fantastic in helping children practise their physical abilities. Exercises such as running, jumping, skipping and playing ball games not only strengthen their muscles, but can also help with gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and overall health and wellbeing.  It is also a fun way to learn, gives them sun exposure (increasing vital vitamin D levels) and can also help children make new friends.

Scientific evidence has shown that outside play improves short-term memory, restores mental energy, is a great stress reliever, improves concentration along with sharper thinking and creativity.


In light of uncertain times due to the recent global Coronavirus crisis, there couldn’t be a better time to get out into our back gardens and promote safe, outside play with your children.  From ball games to building dens, from camping outside to bouncing on the trampoline, they will certainly reap the benefits of being in the great outdoors and help to keep isolation boredom at bay.

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