The take up of home fitness is only going one way – up.

From apps which track running miles using GPS to ever-smarter watches which tell the user how many calories they have burnt during a workout, home fitness is an ever-increasing option to sport centres and gyms.

Thanks to DVDs and pre-recorded workouts, gym goers can even feel as if they have their own personal trainer in their living room.

It is a worrying trend for the sector which up until now has seen relatively little competition.

But there are plenty of ways in which gyms and sports centres can get people through their doors and it’s all about offering an experience and choice otherwise unavailable to people who simply work out at home.

Radical fitness workouts you cannot carry out at home are fast finding their way into centres. From bungee ropes to trampoline workouts, nothing is off limits and people are getting wise.

The key is being resourceful, innovative and to always be looking ahead.

At Sportsafe we pride ourselves on our vast range of indoor fitness equipment and sport offering, from indoor cricket nets to basketball goals and climbing and rope frames.

We even have games lines and markings, perfect for encouraging another option home fitness cannot – team games and group activity.

At Sportsafe, we are continually moving forward to make sure we can offer gyms and sport centres the very best in new technology and equipment, and we are always keen to hear from our customers when they have ideas about what they want to see next.

To discuss how to take your gym or sport centre to the next level and get more users through the door, give us a call on 0300 300 0032 and see how we can help you. Alternatively, have a look at our latest fantastic case studies.