Children love being active. Ask any parent or teacher and they know just how difficult it can be to keep them contained inside when it’s raining.

And yet something is going wrong.

New research has shown wealthier children are getting more exercise than their poorer classmates.

Sport England has found only two in five children (42%) from low income homes complete the recommended 60 minutes’ exercise each day.

Compare this to children from better off homes and it rises to 54%.

If that isn’t shocking enough, the research also showed children from better-off homes also enjoy sport more – 59% compared with just 43%.

And boys are beating girls in the amount of exercise they do too – with only two in five girls meeting the 60 minutes a day compared with half of boys.

The survey was completed by more than 130,000 five to 16-year-olds across England.

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly why children from poorer homes do not take part in the same amount of sport as those from wealthier homes.

But when families simply don’t have the money to pay for extra-curricular activities, children understandably can’t take part.

And yet the research found children were affected as much at school as at home.

It is shocking in this day and age that children do not have the same access to sport and exercise as their counterparts.

Not only does it have enormous health benefits, both physical and mental, it also helps children to go further in the classroom.

At Sportsafe, we support the next generation no matter their background. Only by offering opportunities to all do we see children reach their full potential.

It’s why we not only offer a wide variety of projects and products to help schools find the right project for their budget, but we have also put together a free guide of grants available to them across the UK to help pay for their sport installation.

Let’s call time on children being held back for the crime of not being born wealthy.

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