Like it or not, exams are a huge part of our children’s lives.

It comes as no surprise that parents and teachers will encourage studying when students are in the run up to their GCSE’s or A-Levels.

How much revision they need is different for each child.

But should we be allowing revision to take the place of physical activity? Would you cancel your child’s football lessons or gymnastic classes and instead see them stay home and study?

According to new research, you shouldn’t.

Not only does it give them a much-needed break, but stopping children playing sport in the run up to exams has no impact on their results.

Research commissioned by the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) showed children were happier, less anxious and psychologically healthier by continuing sport when taking exams.

Professor Peter Clough, head of Psychology at Huddersfield University, who carried out the research, said far from sport doing children harm, it was actually a force for good.

And so called ‘super performers’ – who are at the top of the academic table – played a lot of sport as well as achieving the highest grades in their class.

The study also looked at music and drama and whether they had an effect on exam results.

Unlike participation in sport, these had neither a positive nor a negative impact on any exam results.

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