At Sportsafe we work hard to recycle unwanted equipment as often as possible. All recycled equipment that we use is donated by schools, for schools. We will collect old equipment and repair or service it. But, if for any reason It is beyond repair we will dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way.

Like us, the University of Essex also understands the benefits of recycling wherever possible, this shared attitude, along with our close relationship lead to the opportunity to undertake a large-scale recycling project on their behalf.

The University had approached us regarding building a new sports hall at their Colchester campus and had the vision of keeping the project as environmentally and cost effective as possible. This idea was made possible by reusing the wooden flooring of the Braintree Sports Centre.

Instead of disposing of the flooring at the obsolete Braintree location we were able to store the materials for 3 months before installing them at the new Colchester site.

The environmental and financial benefits of recycling or reusing sports equipment, however small or large can affect everyone in a positive way.

The positive effects recycling has on the environment is by far the most important benefit to be gained from recycling. Without the proper disposal of sports equipment, greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere, contributing to environmental damage on a local, national and global scale. By repairing equipment wherever possible we save our clients from buying new equipment. However, sometimes we come across equipment beyond repair which we dispose of in the most environmentally friendly way.

Recycling sports equipment is often a cheaper alternative to replacing new. With many schools, colleges and universities having tight budgets to stick to, recycling and repairing give the option to increase the lifespan of their sports equipment and stay within their financial means.

We offer a cost effect recycling scheme to schools, colleges and universities that cannot afford to purchase expensive state of the art equipment.

To find out more about our sports equipment recycling services call us today on 03330 00032 or email us at [email protected]