An inspection report will be produced during the visit and then sent electronically indicating what we have inspected and any unsafe or dangerous equipment listed as well as recommendations to be made. In addition to this, a certificate will be left to show we have inspected your equipment.

Items inspected include:

Trampoline modules

  • Inspect under frames for secure fixings to floor on all uprights.
  • Check all welds on frames.
  • Check tube ends have tube inserts.
  • Check frames are secured to each other with no protruding bolts.
  • Check all nuts are nyloc nuts.
  • Check for combustible or bio hazard waste under frames.
  • Check underside of springs and anchor bars.
  • Check integrity and securing of frame pads to frames.
  • Check for gaps in pads.
  • Check integrity of mesh bed ensuring there is no access to springs from users feet.
  • Check integrity of metal anchor bars on frames and beds.
  • Check all welds on upper side of frames.

Padded columns

  • Check all columns within the trampoline park have padding on them to a height of 2.5m
  • Check all post padding is secured to posts with no metal exposed.

Padded seating

  • Check all pads on vertical and horizontal seating area are secure.
  • Check integrity of padded seating for tears, rips and holes. Check padded seating for exposed fixings


  • Check all horizontal and metal posts are secure, and not bent or damaged.
  • Check all horizontal and vertical post padding is secure with no exposed metal.
  • Check padding is secured with either cable ties or whipped round with twine.
  • Check cable ties have no sharp edges if used.
  • Check all netting is intact with no holes, rips or tears to netting.
  • Check all netting has been firmly secured to horizontal and vertical posts using whipped in twine.

Basketball boards

  • Check framework is intact with no cracked welds and firmly secured to enclosure posts.
  • Check backboard is intact with no cracks or damage.
  • Check all backboard and ring fixings are in place and secure.
  • Check ring is intact, no failed welds or bent.
  • Check basketball net is in place and secured to frame.

Ancillary items

  • Check framework and surface of stairs, doorways and access paths around and within the trampoline park

Reasons to maintain your equipment:

  • Optimise equipment availability
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Minimise overall maintenance costs
  • British Standard 1892 Part 1: 1986 states that ‘it is important that all physical education apparatus is maintained in a first class, fully safe condition’
  • Remember safety is your responsibility
  • For peace of mind you should have your equipment maintained regularly

AFPE logoThe Association for Physical Education says “an inspection should be carried out at least once a year.”

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