As the end of the cricket season is coming up it’s time to check your indoor cricket nets. We’ve decided to offer some deals on cricket net installation and give you some service and maintenance tips to ensure you get the full life out of your product too.

Here at Sportsafe UK we think it’s the perfect time to improve your school sports hall or facility and we have an extensive range of sports netting, so please get in touch if you need a free quotation.

We are always going out to Schools and Sports Centres to replace sports netting and we regularly see mistakes being made that could prolong the life of your nets and prevent you from needing any unnecessary work too. We thought it would be a great idea to give you some easy tips on how to make sure your indoor netting lasts:-

• To avoid snagging and tearing always pull the net out evenly and slowly.
• To keep the trackway as solid as it can then pull the net out as far as it will go. This way it will stay firm when coming into contact with flying cricket balls.
• To make sure your net hangs properly try to remove all balls and items that get caught in the net.
• Pull the net back in from the base (near the storage bag) this will keep it from tearing and catching.
• Finally, as you place the net back into its storage bag, try to fold it as neatly as possible to avoid knotting and bunching.

These are just an easy bunch of tips you which will help you to prolong the life of your indoor cricket nets and gain maximum use of them. This will save you time and money in the future! Unfortunately, there are no tips for keeping your nets clean (unless you have a ladder and a feather duster!) as dirt and dust will naturally fade your netting.

If your nets are starting to fade or look a little worse for wear then please get in touch for a free quote to either replace or service your indoor cricket netting. A member of our dedicated team with be happy to help you and if you ask for a deal we will do our best to help!

Please contact us to find out more today.