Many schools and play areas are surfaced with rubber crumb; this surfacing option is economical and very effective at protecting children from impacts such as trips and falls. Unfortunately overtime rubber crumb surfacing degrades and breaks apart – anyone familiar with this type of surfacing will have noticed the tell tail cracks and shrinking edges.

Brighton Primary School was no different; amongst their play area they had an area of rubber crumb which was degrading causing both finger trap hazards and trip hazards. The school approached Sportsafe UK in the early part of the summer enquiring if we could find a solution to rejuvenate and make safe the area in question.

Before Installation

Before Installation

Sportsafe recommended the installation of a premium artificial grass surface to be mounted on the area. The artificial grass looks great but also provides a similar level of fall protection as the original rubber crumb surface. The final results are fantastic and Brighton School are delighted.

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After Installation