If this is what kids have you doing, why not turn the tables? Get them climbing the walls instead! It’s one way to keep them occupied – not to mention active and healthy.

Traverse walls are climbing holds fixed along a wall – using the latest climbing hold technology. They come in at least four different, bright colours, they’re easy to install and they make a fun challenge. The latest technology means they’ll fix to all kinds of walls, and they’re adaptable for any age group. Best of all, they’re low enough not to need safety surfacing. The climbing holds we use include some which are actual copies of real rock features found in the Lake District.

Reposition holds easily! You can reposition the holds easily with the tool provided, so the wall can evolve over time – and the holds can be replaced quickly and cheaply. Freestanding walls. If you don’t have wall space, we also do free-standing climbing walls in a range of materials. They’re custom-built for your needs and budget – and all age ranges including infants. You maximise space because they can climb both sides. They can be built in a range of materials from steel and composite panels to wood and more rustic finishes. For more details, see our website or contact us on 0844 581 0550.