Sportsafe UK based at Eastgates in Colchester and with offices in the Midlands, Wales and Scotland are once again supporting our local teams.

Stanway Rovers U15 teams look striking in their new kit sponsored by Sportsafe UK and this year Sportsafe are also sponsoring the U14’s tracksuit.

Managing Director Jon Neill says, “Sportsafe UK are growing at an astounding rate but we will never forget our roots.  We are proud to support the next generation of sporting heroes here in Colchester and are very keen to develop the same relationships near our new offices in Daventry (Midlands) and Blackwood (Wales).”

 “It’s great to see the children in their new kit and we are very pleased to be able to support both teams this season – long may it continue.”

Paul Stevenson, Joint Manager at Stanway Rovers added, “We are thrilled to have the long term support of such a well-respected sports company based here in Colchester.  The kit is great and makes the team feel wonderful before they even step on to the pitch.”

A recent success for Stanway Rovers was the signing of Toby Stevenson to Millwall Academy, Toby’s trials started in August 2014 and he signed his contract in October. So far he has played seven games for his new side the latest being against West Ham.

Stanway_Rovers_New_KitMillwall FC