Sportsafe are delighted to announce that we will be working with Colchester Zoo on their new exciting project with local primary schools and the Zoo’s Sun Bears’ new enclosure.

Schools have been invited to design a ‘Bear Sculpture’ poster which will be part of an exhibition, as well as an education programme for their everyday classes involving bears.

The winning school will have their design transferred onto the Zoo’s own model, which will then have a tour around Essex, before returning to his home outside the Bear enclosure in the Summer.

Throughout the year there will be various events with the zoo to celebrate this project and Sportsafe will be supporting them.

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“We would like to thank Sportsafe for their sponsorship of the Year of the Bear Education Programme…..Sportsafe are regular supporters of local initiatives aimed at investing in education, and are delighted to play an active part in this exciting project”

Rebecca Perry, Director of Conservation, Education and Research