Sportsafe UK has won new servicing contracts for schools across Bedfordshire. From this until the end of 2012, the Colchester-based company will inspect, maintain and repair indoor and outdoor play equipment for over 150 schools run by Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council.


Managing Director Jon Neill says, “This is a real boost for these schools. When we’re all more conscious than ever of the need to take exercise – and especially of how important it is for children – we’ll be there, making sure they have the equipment they need to stay active.”


Ian Roberts, Specialist Advisor for PE & Sports at Bedford Borough Council said: “We know that active children learn better and have healthier, happier lives – even long after they leave school. Anything we can do to keep them moving has to be a good thing.”


Cllr David Sawyer, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services at Bedford Borough Council said: “It’s important that young people have the necessary equipment to be able to take part in sports activities. Maintaining the equipment and keeping it to the required standard will make sure it is safe to use and will encourage individuals to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”


Jon says one of Sportsafe’s strengths is that “we employ all our engineers directly – we don’t subcontract. So, schools know that when they pick up the phone, they’re talking to the people who will be doing the work.”


Sportsafe works with more than 55 county councils and fire authorities, and won a Colchester Business Award in 2007 for its excellent standard of service. It sells, installs and services sports equipment for 11,000 customers from Shetland to Bournemouth. The company manufactures most of its equipment, and tailors everything to suit each different sports hall, as well as manufacturing and installing equipment for most of the largest companies in the industry. Sportsafe has worked at the Isle of Man’s National Sports Centre, Guildford Grammar School and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.