The Primary PE and Sport Premium Allocation is a great opportunity to overhaul the playground and outdoor environment. With an effective and thoughtful overhaul, you can not only increase children’s physical activity but give them opportunities to talk, incidental learning and encourage teachers to spend more time outdoors.

The introduction of playground markings will encourage co-operative play and learning opportunities, a range of high and low rise trim trails can test and increase children’s gross and fine motor skills, and the introduction of outdoor gym equipment will not only enhance play times but will enable teachers to teach PE lessons effectively on the playground without the lesson having to be a team sport.

Increase The Impact And Amount Of Outdoor Activity

In general, outdoor PE sessions are one area of the curriculum that is the least well taught.  Teachers have less training in teaching PE, and this is an area that Ofsted are keen to see an increase.  By adding a daily mile track or sprint tracks to the outdoor environment, teachers can quickly and easily teach running, thereby increasing the amount of time they give to physical activity.

All teachers are aware that children work and learn better once they have had some exercise. In taking the class out for a daily run in the middle of the school day, teachers will see that their classes are much more focused, low-level disruption will decrease and the children’s learning will increase.

A common complaint amongst teachers is that, with the UK weather, it can be very hit and miss as to whether they feel it is safe to take children outside in poor conditions. Playgrounds become slippy very quickly, and grass is often too boggy and muddy to be used during the winter months, therefore outdoor activity sessions suffer.  However, with the Sports Premium funding, schools can consider installing a slip resistance multi-use games area (MUGA).

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