At Sportsafe we are constantly striving to be the best we can and provide our customers with the best possible service throughout their entire journey of working with us. To ensure we are able to do so we run quarterly programmes internally that give all of our teams a set of tasks to focus on with the aim of improving those important areas.

Throughout the first quarter of the new financial year, the task was set for all members of the team to complete a minimum of four hours of training that is relevant to their role within the company and also to read a book about customer service, customer management or again a topic relevant to their position.

The challenge, which took place over the course of April, May and June, was well received by all and gave people the opportunity to progress their skills to help them perform better within their position at the company, and ultimately enable them to support colleagues, suppliers and customers better.

Now that the challenge is over, we are proud to announce that the over the course of the quarter a massive 368 hours of training were undertaken and 92 books were read by our team. As a reward to all that completed the challenge a number of exciting team days will be carried out over the coming few months.