If you own or manage a leisure centre making sure that all available space is being used to its full potential and providing a good source of revenue is key. This can often prove difficult, especially when sports that require dedicated facilities, such as squash courts, become less popular within the British culture. Finding a way to overcome this and redevelop these spaces for more popular activities is key. This is where our new Bounce Zones installations can help.

Traditional sports like Swimming, Athletics and cycling have become even more popular across the country, due to their increased publicity gained from success in the last few Olympic games and high-profile celebrity figures spearheading campaigns to help people get active, as well as their accessibility to people of abilities, sports like squash have seen their number of weekly participants drop dramatically of the past decade.

A recent study published by The Telegraph shows that over the past 10 years, the number of people playing Squash and racketball has decreased by over 33%. Even more troubling for the sport, and those that rely on income from squash facilities, is that the sport has seen its biggest decline in participation within the last 12 months.

There are a number of sports that have seen concerning changes in the number of people taking part but very few share squash’s requirements for dedicated facilities. Most other sports take place in multi-use venues such as indoor sports halls and outdoor pitches.

What are bounce zones?

Bounce Zones are our new installation offering for redeveloping your squash courts into a full-service mini trampoline park style area.

With trampoline parks becoming a more and more common fixture in towns and cities across the world we decided to design a new kind of facility using them as inspiration.

We have vast experience designing, installing and providing service and maintenance to trampoline and adventure parks in the UK and Europe which means we are well placed to use our expertise to help transform your squash courts and help you start regaining lost revenue.

Benefits of upgrading your squash courts?

As we previously mentioned, the popularity of trampoline parks has continued to grow over the past few years which shows that this is an activity that has mass appeal to the general public.

By installing a bounce zone you will be able to offer:

  • Fitness classes
  • Kids clubs
  • A party venue
  • Free bounce sessions
  • Much more

For venues where there is more than one squash court, we can design larger areas that can include more features similar to those found at bigger adventure parks. These fixtures can include:

  • Dodgeball courts
  • Basketball lanes
  • “Gladiator-style” height platforms
  • Soft play areas
  • Climbing walls

Also, as these areas are designed for use by multiple users at any given time you can create a very sustainable revenue stream and with prices starting at just £28,000, including design, manufacture and installation, upgrading your squash courts with our bounce zones is a no brainer.

Are you ready to upgrade your squash courts? Get in touch with our expert team today on 0333 300 0032, via email: [email protected] or via our online chat feature.