Sportsafe UK can officially communicate the launch of their new brochure which will be released to the market from January 2013.

The brochure advertises all the product and services Sportsafe currently offers as a nationwide service to its current 10,000 customer base.

However, the brochure is also collaboration with some of the UK leader’s suppliers of sport and gymnastic equipment as well as offering supplementary services like floor markings, digital media, maintenance management, two way radios plus shelters and canopies.

Sportsafe UK are now promoting all their usual services plus offering their audience the facility to trade with all these top UK providers through the brand of Sportsafe. We are creating a ‘one stop shop’ approach for our customers and we want to be recognised as the supplier of quality and choice. We want our customers to feel assured and confident about the products and services we offer and make their experience easy.

The brochure also confirms Sportsafe UK’s commitment to ‘supporting the next generation’ and its belief that every young person should have access to sporting activities in safe, stimulating and educational environments.

The brochure has been designed to be in touch with its audience and is decorated with some lovely photography of local school children happy, smiling and having fun. The brochure is seen as a key communicate tool between what we do and what we can offer which is modern and up to date.

Our new brochure design now features on our latest vans and our brochure was launched on Tuesday 11th December, see the next Newsletter for more details