At Sportsafe we value our staff and one way we mark this is to present a number of awards. In our Scotland headquarters Charlie Donaldson awarded the Engineer of the quarter to Gordon and Staff Member of the quarter to Steven and says…

“My go to Engineer”
Gordon received the award for engineer of the quarter as he is still my go to engineer when there is a bit of a crisis or something out of the run of the mill requires looking at, he goes that extra mile to achieve results.

“Problem solving and extra work commitment”
I presented the staff member of the quarter to Steven; he has improved a great deal this year so far namely in his approach to problem solving aswell as that he almost always gets his work completed for the week I would say around 98% of the time completed. Even when asked to fit extra work in for the week it does not seem to be a bother him.

Here are Gordon and Steven with their awards.