Sportsafe are celebrating after winning their first council contract for the inspection of school PE equipment in Wales.

We currently hold over 70 council contracts throughout the U.K including 17 council contracts in Scotland.

We have always undertaken work in Wales but this has been for individual sites or schools or with groups of leisure centres along the M4 corridor. This new contract in south Wales now means we have gained a strong foothold in the region and will allow us to look at tendering for more contracts in Wales to expand our portfolio of contracts there.

This will give us the opportunity to demonstrate to the council the benefits of using Sportsafe as the approved contractor for the maintenance bringing advanced and innovative work methods and procedures such as the use of regional engineers, electronic reporting, and highly trained engineers with a wide range of knowledge and skills in all sporting disciplines.

Our long term strategy will be to increase our contracts in Wales to the point where we can employ local staff to work as engineers and then increase our level of business in the area until we can set up a regional office which would mirror what we have achieved in Scotland.

Having gained a lot of experience from building up our contract base in Scotland we feel confident that we can achieve a similar outcome in Wales putting Sportsafe firmly on the map in Wales.