Sportsafe is currently in the final development stages of its exciting new website.  The new site is easier to navigate and maintain than the previous site. There is a lot more new content on the new website including details of Sportsafe’s partner companies, latest product offerings and much more.


Sportsafe has tested and researched the new design extensively, working with customers to ensure that the website has all the relevant information and user functions.sportsafe-new-website-development

The new site has a new “Ask the Expert” function which offers friendly impartial advice to all site visitors. This function allows customer questions and enquires to be answered by experts in a quick and easy manner, ensuring delivery of the highest quality advice.

A “rate our service” customer survey page is now available. This function creates new channels of customer feedback and the data gathered will be used to gain new insights into how Sportsafe can improve customer service and product offerings.

sportsafe's-new-website-developmentNew product and service information will play a vital part in the structure of the new website site with a large focus upon outdoor surfacing, indoor sports installations and sports equipment service and maintenance. The new website also contains useful infomercials which highlight some key facts about Sportsafe.

This site is geared to support the continued growth of Sportsafe and is a fantastic development for the company. The release date of this new website is the 30th September 2014 check out the company Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for sneak peeks and more development news.