sportsafe-uk-team-day-paintballingTo thank the team for all their hard work and to increase team work within the company, Sportsafe UK has organised several team events. The first of these events was a paintballing day held on Monday the 4th of August, in which 9 brave staff members attended.

The day was held at Mayhem Paintball Arena in Abridge starting at 10 am sharp. Over the day 5 scenarios were played, including capture the flag, team death match, village defence, save the hostage and speed ball. In the first few games, Team Sportsafe was undone by the opponents (the red team) due to poor communications, mediocre accuracy and some questionable tactics.

However by the end of the day Team Sportsafe prevailed, winning the majority of the remaining games through the day.

There was a clear increase in communication and team work throughout the day, with many differing tactics demonstrated by Team Sportsafe. The tactics included a Ramboesque run and gun approach demonstrated by Warehouse Operatives Dan Crockett, Adam Elsey and Ashley Stalley, as well as a highly tactical and logical camp and snipe approach demonstrated by Director Phil Wallis and Accounts Managers Chloe Young and Kaila Morgan.

It was great to see the whole team working together, laughing and having fun over the course of the day. From this event the team has developed closer bonds, better communications and a new sense of fun in the office. All in all the day was a great success; the 9 team members who attended had fun and really enjoyed the day.

Sportsafe UK are delighted with how successfully the first team day went, and would like to thank the staff that attended. The next team day is Go-Karting and will be held on the 11th of August, Sportsafe look forward to the next team day and wishes all racers the best of luck!