Sportsafe UK Scotland Contract Appraisal Success

Whilst running over 80 county council contracts can be tough, it can also be a highly rewarding especially when you received such amazing results.

Last week Sportsafe participated in the annual contract appraisals with five of the largest county councils in Scotland. These meetings are aimed to review contract performance and enable customer feedback.

Sportsafe are delighted to announce that all of the councils rated Sportsafe’s contract management service at 85/100 or higher.  One council rated Sportsafe’s service as 98/100, this is an incredible result for our Scotland office and is a testament to the hard work of the Scotland team.

Sportsafe constantly strive to produce the best quality services in the UK for all their contracted customers and councils. It is great to get such positive reviews from some of our largest customers.

If you are looking to set up a contract or framework contract please contact Phil Wallis by email at [email protected] or call our dedicated customer service team today on 0844 581 0550.