As a company, Sportsafe UK prides itself on constantly developing and improving its systems and services for both staff and customers. Since the start of 2015 we have been running quarterly development themes to focus on one aspect of business to develop or improve. These themes run for 12 weeks and have SMART targets for development; if the company as a whole meets these targets the whole company will get a reward.

Last quarter our focus was on returned jobs and job completion. Over the last year the number of jobs that Sportsafe has completed has almost doubled, with this rapid increase there was a natural increase in the number or returned jobs.

Will Jones

Week 5 Returns Super Hero: Engineer Will “Iron Man” Jones!

The senior management team set the target of halving the number or returned jobs over the quarter, with the incentive of a series of corporate team days for the whole company! Each week one member of the team who stood out was chosen as our returns super hero and received a bonus!

Each department worked hard identifying where they could improve their part of the process and created an action plan to reduce the level of returned jobs. After much hard work and several outstanding performances the team hit the target set! This is an outstanding effort from everyone and proves that hard work and team work can make a massive change!

Our team has been awarded eight different team days as a thank you for the hard work and to celebrate the quarterly success. These great results not only mean cost savings for the company but ensure we deliver a consistent and good quality customer service.Well done to the team!