Sportsafe UK has been working closely with Colchester Zoo supporting their projects for the last few years including the Stand Tall Campaign and the  new “Year of the Bear project”. In 2014 Sportsafe has been recycling old school gym ropes to Colchester Zoo’s monkey enclosures. The ropes were taken down from various schools during their annual sports equipment servicing due to the ropes being worn or unsafe. However unlike the previous little monkeys that used the ropes Colchester Zoo’s monkeys don’t mind a worn rope!

After gaining permission to collect the ropes Sportsafe UK then checks  the ropes  for damage and  sends them to Colchester Zoo. This recycling has been used to minimise landfill waste and to maximise the lifetime use of the ropes. This also keeps in line with Sportsafe’s core values of being environmentally friendly, and helps Sportsafe UK live up to their ISO 14001 certification (environmental management certification).

Sportsafe UK donates all old ropes from schools to Colchester Zoo to support the improvement of the animal’s quality of life and support the zoos constant drive to improve their enclosures. Sportsafe UK last year supported the Zoo during the Stand Tall project and looks forwards to working with them extensively in the future. Sportsafe UK pride itself in supporting local charities, sports teams and businesses due to Sportsafe UK’s core vision of Corporate responsibility and supporting the local environment. Sportsafe UK  would like to thank the Zoo for their support in this partnership and thank the schools that allowed Sportsafe UK to take the ropes and enabled this project to take place.