In the start of June 2014 Sportsafe UK was approached by Millfield School in Norfolk, the school were interested in an installation of a bespoke climbing frame, due to their previous climbing frame being worn and damaged.

Sportsafe UK worked tirelessly with Millfield School to organise which climbing frame best suited the needs of the school. The school decided on a bespoke inward folding climbing frame due to the limited space available in their hall.   Millfield chose a Spectrum Y hinged climbing frame, the frame was designed to enable all abilities of students to use and enjoy the new frame during PE lessons. The installation was completed within a day and was delivered on time and within the budget.

The new installation turned what was an unused climbing frame into an educational and exciting environment for the students to learn core skills such as balance, coordination, and climbing upon. The apparatus folds away into a shut position with easy storage. Also this minimises the amount of space used up in the hall. The installation took only 1 day and was safe to learn on two days later.

Sportsafe UK are proud to supply bespoke climbing solutions at reasonable prices, if you are looking to replace an existing climbing frame or install a new climbing area contact Sportsafe today on 0844 581 0550!