Sportsafe are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint, and all aspects of our activities are planned and undertaken in accordance with our ISO14001 accreditation.

“We are constantly striving to support the next generation by providing amazing products and services but by also being aware of the impact we have on our environment and actively looking to reduce this”

With this in mind, we have collected data from across all of our divisions and created a comprehensive environmental report to show how our waste management and energy is being tracked, and also how efficiently our fleet is operating.

The report covers key focus areas including:

  • Waste Management
    • WEEE Recycling (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
    • Metal Recycling
    • Energy Consumption
  • Sportsafe Fleet
    • Speed Limiting Initiative
    • Fuel Consumption
    • CO2 Emissions

Download a copy of our 2017 report

By collecting and reporting on this data we are not only meeting our obligations required for ISO14001 audits but are also allowing us to see what initiatives are working and the areas in which we need to improve.

Want to know more about our Corporate & Social Responsibility plan? Take a look at our dedicated CSR page or contact us on 0333 300 0032 to speak to a member of the team.