We thought we would give you a run down in 60 seconds (maybe longer) of the top questions we have been asked since speaking to Primary Schools in the UK regarding their Sport Premium!

Can I use the premium for product?

Yes, of course, you can purchase products directly from our product catalogue or you can look at our website for some of the bundles that we have put together, either with or without NVQ Level 3 Coaching. The products from our Catalogue can all be delivered quickly to you, and the larger equipment may require a site visit and installation. All that we can allocate via your Sport Premium.

Can I use the premium for coaching?

Yes, you can use your sport premium for coaching. We would advise that you check the guidelines as this should be not be used to employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements – these should come out of your core staffing budgets. Full details can be found here:- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pe-and-sport-premium-for-primary-schools

I have a Sport Premium plan but we haven’t completed it yet?

That’s good! You are nearly there. If you have identified what you would like to purchase but are unsure of the next step you need to call us for a friendly call with one of our Sport Premium Team. They will be able to help you order the correct equipment for your school and ensure we also offer the option for a pre-planned service in a years’ time.

Can I order for next year?

Yes! If you would like to order equipment for the next Sport Premium Allocation as you know what you would like to spend it on, just give us a call, email or speak to us via the website and we can ensure we pre-book your equipment for you. We can ensure equipment arrives to you when you wish and for larger items, can book in delivery or planning and installation around School and Term Holidays.

Can I combine my funding?

Sportsafe UK is looking into an option that allows you to buy a larger installation or equipment by combining/agreeing to pay your Sport Premium for the next 2 years directly to us. We understand that you may wish to purchase an item that is equivalent to your three years’ worth of total funding until 2020. So, we are looking to offer this option internally. Contact us to discuss directly!

Can I purchase ‘bundles’ from your website?

Yes! All the bundles are available to purchase on the website! We are going to be adding more to the website over the next few months and also ensuring we can ‘wrap up’ bundles especially for you under your sport premium allocation! We like a challenge so tell us your chosen sport, and we can produce a bundle within budget for you.

Do I have to pay online for the bundles?

No, all bundles will be ‘ordered’ online and you will receive confirmation of the bundle being ordered. One of our lovely team will then contact you to confirm there is nothing else you wanted to add on, and send you a formal quote to sign and attach your PO Number. The form is then sent back to us and the rest magically then happens!

We always try and make the order process simple and strive for nothing short of excellent customer service experiences.

If you have any questions regarding your pe and sport premium, please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 300 0032, alternatively, visit our dedicated pe and sport premium website for more in-depth information