In early June 2014 Sportsafe UK developed a great new relationship with Fit For Sport. Fit For Sport is the UK’s leading healthy lifestyle activities provider. Fit For Sport is committed to “engaging and educating young children, parents and teachers about the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle”.

Fit For Sport achieves their corporate goals through providing activity coaching and organizing interschool activity day’s known as Legacy Days. These Legacy Days are part of the Government approved 2012 Olympics legacy events, and are a fantastic opportunity for children from all walks of life, to meet up and compete in various activities (Click Here to find out more). Fit For Sport delivers its company values throughout all its activities, and encourages all to adopt its simple, achievable, sustainable (SAS) approach.

Sportsafe UK are also passionate about increasing activity levels within schools and developing the next generation of the UK’s athletes. This unique partnership offers both companies the opportunity to develop new relationships with many new schools and allows the transfer of knowledge between Fit For Sport and Sportsafe UK. This knowledge transfer will ensure that the children in Fit For Sport and Sportsafe Schools are both safe and active, with the best quality equipment and coaching available.

Sportsafe UK looks forward to working with Fit For Sport in the future and are certain that this new partnership will allow continuous developments of both companies supporting the next generation of children through fantastic activity days.