‘Costs for annual inspections to Leisure Centre Activity Areas and equipment cut by 40%

thanks to Sportsafes’ unique ‘Greener and leaner’ service strategy.’

National sports equipment service provider SPORTSAFE UK have recently reduced maintenance costs by 40% for leading leisure contractor group SLM (Sport and Leisure Management). 

The sports management company (SLM), who now manage in excess of 60 sites, approached Sportsafe in April 2009 to request assistance with the maintenance of indoor and outdoor sports equipment. The sites historically organised the inspection and repairs of their sports apparatus individually.

Operations Director Ben Beevers said “While the sites generally booked service inspections on an annual basis there were many variations in the level of delivery and administration as we were using a number of different providers. As our company was expanding it was becoming even more important that we were confident that annual inspections were being carried out on all our sites in line with best practice guidance. Litigation is not uncommon following accidents in the leisure Industry and so we want to be confident that all our inspection records are up to date.”

We approached Sportsafe UK and were immediately directed to Managing Director Jon Neill, who with the assistance of Sales Director Chris Vacher enabled us to implement service visits for all our Sports Hall Equipment, Trampolines, Swimming Pool Equipment, Dance Studios and Outdoor Sports Areas within the next 6 months of operation. “We have been very pleased with the service provision which was delivered at a substantially reduced rate.”

Managing Director Jon Neill responded; “We service around 10000 schools and the majority of the education work is carried out on a ‘contract basis’ so we are extremely proficient at managing the building stocks and equipment of large estates.”

Leisure is very much a growth area which is being developed for the company by our Sales Director, Chris Vacher, who has many years of experience in that industry and was a leisure manager before moving in to the commercial service provision sector. “We were determined to make the contract operate as efficiently as possible for both SLM and Sportsafe and as many of their sites are in geographical ‘clusters’ it makes sense to visit any group over a period of a few days once we have travelled to the area. Initially we had to obtain orders individually from each leisure centre and also invoice to site. This created an administrative ‘mountain’ for both companies so we undertook a review of the contract with Ben Beevers to understand how we could improve efficiencies from both companies perspectives.

The end result was that SLM decided to place one order for all services to all sites based on the previous year’s costs for ‘service visits’ only.” Sportsafe UK were pleased to implement a further 5% discount to reflect the decrease in administration for both parties.

“Service costs now average around £120.00 per site for all equipment in the estate and Sportsafe can book visits with one ‘call’ SLM only receive one invoice for the service once all sites are completed.” “The improved agreement should increase efficiencies for both companies and we will now have all our services carried out over a 2 month period in October, November each year which means we will have reports with recommendations and costs for repairs and renewals at all sites to enable us to budget for the year ahead.” said Ben Beevers.

Managing Director Jon Neill summarised by saying “It’s a major step forward for our company and the Industry, its only recently that we would have been driving to Cornwall or Aberdeen numerous times a year as each centre in the area would call us for services on an ‘ad hoc basis’ The new corporate strategy will not only save time and fuel and as well as making a contribution to maintaining our environment!”

Sportsafe UK are currently tailoring their services to assist other contractors and leisure trusts to reduce costs and improve efficiencies and Sales Director Chris Vacher can be contacted on 01206 795265 or email [email protected]