Sportsafe UK can provide the perfect funding solution for you!

The government has produced a series of funding opportunities in the aftermath of the Olympics in 2012; these are known as Legacy Funds. These legacy funds entitle up to £10,000 pounds of funding for sports projects in public sector organisations. These projects include MUGA’s, Long Jump Pits, Conversion Projects (converting a building into a sports area) and many others.  This effectively means you could have a FREE long jump pit installation and on average 33% of your MUGA funded

 As funding applications can take a long time, Sportsafe UK would be delighted to assist your application and help you guarantee your funding.  If you would like Sportsafe UK’s help in guaranteeing your sports development funding contact Sportsafe today on 0844 581 0550. All enquires are based upon a no win no fee design with no expense before the funding is confirmed as available.

If you are enquiring about larger sports installations Sportsafe UK can also secure part funding for your larger sports installations.

If you have any questions or you are looking for advice please contact Sportsafe UK’s experienced customer service team today for more information.

These legacy funds are only on offer for a limited time and are being used quickly. If you would like to make the most of this limited time offer, call Sportsafe today.