new-additions-to-our-van-fleetIn the last month Sportsafe UK has announced the opening of two new offices in the Midlands and Wales, and the employment of 7 new staff members in Wales and the Midlands. To enable this rapid expansion Sportsafe UK has added a flotilla of 6 new vans to its existing fleet.

These new vans have been sign written with the latest Sportsafe UK logo and information. Three of these new vans will be sent directly to the new Welsh office in Blackwood. The vans will be integral in the smooth integration of Sportfix with Sportsafe UK after the acquisition in the start of June,(click the link ( for more information on the acquisition).

These vans will be used by the new Sportsafe UK engineers who previously were part of Sportfix.The vans will be used to transport stock from the head office to Wales, transport the engineers to site and facilitate the transition of the Sportfix into Sportsafe UK smoothly.  The vans will last around 4-5 years before replacement.

The remaining three vans will be distributed to the new operating base in the Midlands, at Daventry for similar use to those in Wales. These new vans are larger than the standard Berlingo’s Sportsafe’s engineers have previously received, so will carry more van stock. This means that engineers will be able to carry out more running repairs than previously possible, reducing costs for consumers. As the new vans will be based all over the Midlands and Southern Wales why not try to spot one of our vans on the road and tweet us @Sportsafeuk.