We at Sportsafe are extremely pleased to announce that we have won a major contract to work in partnership with one of the World’s Largest Fitness Equipment Suppliers. Jon Neill, Managing Director says “This service and repair contract is to cover the south east of England and London and also has the potential to expand to cover the entire UK. It has given us the power to recruit more staff and start researching into more regional offices across the UK to complement our existing offices. It’s such an exciting time for the company with the future looking so strong, we are still continuing to add more public and private sector contracts to our portfolio throughout 2012 ”

This comes straight on the back of a new contract award in Scotland expanding our existing contract coverage in the central belt of Scotland which again is a service and repair contract for a major council and covers over 300 schools. This has secured jobs and enabled the Fort William office to once again expand and recruit new staff.

Growth is still a major factor for the company in 2012, Sportsafe has retendered and won many contracts that have come up for renewal this year as well as being able to continue to seek new contracts to tender for.

The company is also tendering for a large government contract for later this year which has a projected spend of over four million pound.

Jon Neill said “2012 has been a good year for the company, due to our continued growth and profitability our staff feel secure and are very highly motivated. There is still a lot we can do this year and in future years to grow the company despite the bad news regarding the economy we are constantly hearing in the media. We accept that it not a pleasant environment for may businesses and it’s not all plain sailing for us but I like to think that we are highly focused on our business and all our staff understand what we are trying to achieve at Sportsafe”