As the number one service and maintenance company in the country Sportsafe UK realise how important that it is to prolong the life of your sports equipment with regular maintenance checks. There will always come a time however when equipment reaches its economic life span and you may need to consider upgrading, refurbishing or replacing your equipment.

Sportsafe UK have always had the expertise required to provide and carry out installation of new equipment and now you may have a fantastic opportunity to gain the funding that is available following the London 2012 games. Sport England has over £50 million available to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Sports Centres to refurbish or upgrade their existing facilities and now is the best time to “tap into” this funding.

Sportsafe UK can provide the assessment, advice and official quotation to enable you to submit your application to Sports England and get your facility looking great again in 2012!

Contact Sportsafe UK, your sports hall equipment experts, for all the right guidance and information you need to bring your sports hall back to life!