Keeping fit and active is now at the forefront of children’s education. Many schools spend hours wondering what the best form of outdoor play equipment is to keep their kids active in an interactive and fun way.  Outdoor fitness equipment is safe and fun and is becoming increasingly popular in both schools and parks.

At the end of May, Holbrook Primary School, Ipswich enquired about the installation of outdoor items of fitness equipment. To assess the site we sent one of our outdoor installation specialists to check that the area selected was suitable and make recommendations.

Holbrook requested four pieces including a double air walker, an elliptical cross trainer, an air skier and an arm and peddle bike.  The installation was completed well within the two week deadline and the final results are great.

If you are interested in a installation of fresh air fitness equipment or would like a free site visit to discuss your outdoor play areas please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0844 581 0550 or email [email protected]

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