We have learnt the importance of high-quality equipment, not only from an installation and service point of view but as a direct impact on the benefits the product can delivery – great performance requires great products.

Sportsafe offers a fantastic range of equipment including the newly launched OPrifin Fitness along with Impulse, TRX, Alpha Strong, Dynamax, Zhangkong, VPR and Crosscore to name but a few – something for everyone, every budget and every industry sector.

We will help you make the most of your budget by offering three grades of fitness equipment: new, remanufactured and refurbished. If you have a preferred model, we can supply it. If you don’t know which brand is best for you, we can advise you.

And remember, we are able to maintain and repair all models of fitness equipment. So for long-lasting machines and complete peace of mind, be sure to ask us about our full maintenance plans. We sell fitness equipment parts suitable for many leading brands and offer fitness equipment and complete fitness room servicing.