BRANDED, the new clothing division at Sportsafe UK, have teamed up with Colchester Amateur Boxing Club this week, to test out the Falcon Sportswear Ltd Gameswear collection!

The Falcon Gameswear kit comes in Active Stretch, Breathable, Poly fabrics which are suitable for all modern day sports, Branded and CABC proved to the girls it’s not just for School P.E. lessons!


CABC aspiring female Flyweight Phoebe Davies put the kit through its paces as she completed her Shadow boxing and punch-bag training. “It felt light and comfortable” said Phoebe on reflection of how the workout had gone. “I was surprised how good it felt and how it performed in such a strenuous workout”

As shown, the female version comes with Panelled Skort and fitted Polo, as opposed to the male kit’s traditional matching shorts.


After and intense testing session the overall verdict was .

“ A practical robust kit that offers great value and looks and feels good in many sports”

If you would like more information about the Falcon school PE kits please contact us today on 0844 581 0550 or email Carl Barton Branded’s manager on [email protected]