Across the UK, people have been competing, running and trying something new for National Fitness Day.

We at Sportsafe are no different.

Our team have been challenging each other to plank-offs all morning and setting themselves new targets at the gym.

In this day and age it seems there is a ‘day’ dedicated to everything.

And something as important as our fitness shouldn’t go unnoticed.

At Sportsafe, we are committed to getting everyone moving by giving our customers exciting technologies, equipment and great prices to let them go as far as they want.

From indoor to outdoor, fitness suites to school playgrounds, there is nothing better than working with a customer to bring their dreams to life.

This week we have been hard at work installing new surfaces on tennis courts, setting up climbing frames at a primary school and overhauling a sports centre to include basketball, netball and indoor cricket.

Schools are proudly showing off their achievements on social media with children taking part in daily mile challenges and exercise classes in their school halls.

Change is happening and new opportunities are there for users but we still have a long way to go.

National Fitness Day is a great reminder for us to try something new, get back to that forgotten New Year’s Resolution or take a first step in improving our fitness.

Never underestimate how 24 hours, or even one person, can change the future.

Change is coming and together we can make it a reality.