It is no shock to learn childhood obesity is still on the rise.

More than ever, children are leaving school fat or obese, leading to lifelong health problems they do not have the skills, or inclination, to fix.

Apart from at home, school has arguably the biggest impact on your youngsters – it is where they spend most of their time.

As with eating and sleeping, exercising is nothing more than a habit we all should be taking part in more often.

And where best to encourage a new habit it than at school?

Up and down the country, primary and secondary schools have been doing their best to give children the time to play, explore and exercise so they feel the benefits.

Instilling the habit from a young age, when children want to be running around, is key. But how can schools go about this, especially if space is limited and cost is an issue?

At Sportsafe, we work with thousands of schools and understand completely the challenges they face in supporting their youngsters through exercise.

It is why many of our indoor products have been designed with them in mind.

From our folding climbing and rope frames, which can easily be stored away for assemblies or games, to our divider curtains, perfect for separating spaces to allow more than one activity at the same time, we have it covered.

We even have flooring solutions and games and lines markings to allow your youngsters to play the games they love, no matter the weather.

Schools need the support to be able to help their students and with Sportsafe they can see their dreams become reality.

To find out more, check out our latest case studies or call us today on 0333 300 0032 to see how we can help you.